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Overview of the Security Innovation Network (SINET) Showcase 16 Innovators

We have previously written about the Security Innovation Network: SINET, the very virtuous organization focused on helping the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs of the security community. The capstone event of SINET is their yearly innovation showcase in Washington DC, the last of which was  held 3 and 4 Nov 2015.

The showcase brought together innovative solutions in a venue designed to help the entire ecosystem to dive deeper into the nature of 16 new firms which had been the result of a formal selection process overseen by a collective of seasoned judges. The result are presented below

2015 SINET 16 Innovators:

Bayshore Networks, Inc. - Cloud-based, patented IT/OT Gateway™ enables organizations to rapidly build and enforce extremely granular content-aware policies for OT and IIoT cybersecurity, secure Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, industrial operations/safety, and industrial automation.

BehavioSec – Disruptive verification & authentication solutions that make consumers part of the security solution, rather than the problem.

Gurucul Solutions - Assists organizations to detect insider fraud, IP theft, and external attacks.  Identity & access intelligence (IAI) and user behavior analytics (UBA) use machine learning and predictive anomaly detection algorithms to identify and prevent breaches. Data science for security data volume.

Lastline – Innovates the way Global 2000 companies, government agencies, managed service providers, and security vendors detect breaches with a software-based solution that easily integrates into existing security operations and tools.

Netskope – A leader in safe cloud enablement. Netskope gives IT the ability to find, understand and secure cloud apps. Netskope empowers organizations to direct usage, protect sensitive data and ensure compliance in real-time, on any device, for any cloud app.

Onapsis, Inc. – Comprehensive solutions for securing business-critical applications. Experts in SAP and Oracle cybersecurity, Onapsis gives security teams the visibility they need to continuously monitor business critical systems against advanced threats, cyber risks and compliance gaps.

Palerra, Inc. –  Cloud-based security provider that protects an enterprise’s cloud applications & infrastructure. LORIC, Palerra's innovative SaaS offering, helps enterprises obtain visibility into user activities, detect insider & external threats, maintain compliance & automate incident response.

PFP Cybersecurity -  Next-gen endpoint security solution from supply chain to grave, on premise or in the cloud. Capable of detecting intrusions in machine time, machine learning and big data are used to detect anomalies in HW and SW execution based on analysis of AC, DC and EMI signals.

Pindrop Security – Protection for enterprise call centers, combining authentication and fraud detection to verify legitimate callers and detect malicious callers. Pindrop’s patented Phoneprinting™ technology analyzes 147 call audio characteristics to provide the caller’s true location and device.

QuintessenceLabs - Centralized and interoperable key management, high speed true random number generator, one-time pad encryption with automatic key destruction for storage devices, and quantum key distribution.

RedOwl - Tackles the insider threat - malicious, compromised, or sloppy users.  Through the application of advanced analytics, RedOwl’s flagship product, Reveal, enables organizations to implement cutting-edge insider threat monitoring capabilities across their organizations.

Secure Islands – Enables organizations to “immunize” data upon creation with classification and protection polices that persist for the life of the data.  Its innovative approach prevents unauthorized access to unstructured sensitive data (files and emails) regardless of where it is.

SecurityScorecard - Empowers organizations with an industry leading Security Risk Benchmarking platform.  The company’s SaaS based solution helps organizations benchmark their third parties, industry and peers.

Sqrrl Data, Inc. – The Big Data company that enables more powerful cyber security investigations. With Sqrrl's solution, security analysts can hunt for, investigate, and analyze data breaches associated with cyber-espionage activity, insider threats, and other advanced attacks.

TaaSera, Inc. -  A leader in Preemptive Breach Detection Systems (BDS).  Based on cyber security research by SRI International, TaaSera’s unique solution maps the “Threat DNA” patterns of malicious coordinated network and endpoint behaviors without the use of signatures or sandboxes.

Vectra Networks, Inc. – A leader in real-time detection of in-progress cyber attacks. Its advanced threat-detection solution continuously monitors internal network traffic to pinpoint cyber attacks as they happen, instantly prioritize the greatest risk, and enable rapid application of resources to stop them.

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