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What is Ulitzer?
Ulitzer is a revolutionaly "new-media" platform for creating, delivering, and consuming content on the Web. Anyone can create topics, magazines, and subject-based portals on Ulitzer, pre-populate them with over one million articles available, and launch a new Ulitzer topic in a few easy steps.

Can Anyone Apply To Become a Ulitzer Author?
Yes, it's for anyone who wants to have a personal presence on the Web, and who wishes to take advantage of Ulitzer's revolutionary content delivery functionality, coupled with unmatched syndication and exposure channels.

What Kind of Topics Can I Start?
You may start a new topic on any subject or write a story and post to any existing topic. Trademarked topic names can be launched by trademark owners or Ulitzer editors as sponsored sites only. If you would like to start a sponsored topic, the Ulitzer sales team will contact you with sponsorship opportunities.

Is It Free?
Yes. Bona fide individuals/professionals - subject to approval, confirmation of ID, etc. - pay nothing. Ulitzer also offers sponsored programs for corporate customers, through which they can create completely customizable company and product portals and enjoy the entire rich Ulitzer feature set at highly competitive rates.

Can I Set Up a Blog on Ulitzer If I Blog Elsewhere?
Yes. If you maintain a blog elsewhere, you simply create your Ulitzer author profile page, link it to your existing blog with a simple RSS or Atom feed link and you are good to go. Ulitzer will act as your syndication and distribution agent

1) Make sure you are feeding full RSS text to your Ulitzer site, not a summary. Summary blog pages will not be picked up for syndication but they will still appear on your author page.
2) If you submit your articles or blogs through article submission process for approval, rather than feeding them, you will have a better exposure of syndication. All submitted stories go through editorial review and the Ulitzer editors make sure your stories are syndicated throughout all relevant topic sites.
3) An RSS feed set up from your external blog will update your author page; however, your blogs do not get the maximum exposure they deserve.
4) Always submit your story for publication on all relevant topic sites, outside your automatic RSS feeds to your author home page!

Three Easy Steps to Get Started!
1) Create your author profile page by filling out all fields and submit it for approval. Your submission will be REJECTED if you have typos or missing information fields, including your professional bio and a 100 x 100 pixel photo.
2) Once you receive your author approval notification, create a number of topics you are interested in writing on and submit them for approval.
3) You may submit stories to be published on existing topics as well.
4) Submit stories to be published on each of your newly created topics and other relevant Ulitzer topics.

The Key to Ulitzer: Tips on Creating Your Author Site
•  The first step is to create your author site. Once you have an author site, you will be able to create and manage topic sites, write articles, and manage your author site.
•  Your author site must have your name, professional bio, 100x100 headshot, and a slogan that appears above your name, otherwise it will not be approved.
•  Do not use your company as the name of the site or the domain name.
•  You can insert your company name in the company field on your site as well as your company URL.
•  Once you have created your author site and it has been approved, you can then create topic sites that pertain to your company.

I'm a PR Agent or Social Media Professional,
How Shall I Use Ulitzer?
1) Create your own author page as described above.
Example: Karyn Price (
2) If you don't already have one, create a topic page for your company.
Example: Bailiwick Company (
3) Create topic sites for your clients.
Examples: Telx (, Veramark Technologies (
4) Submit your bylined articles, press releases, blog entries, and news stories for approval and publication on all relevant topic sites.

Approved and published stories appear on your author page as well as your company home page with stories by other authors from your firm. If they are related to one or more of the topics you created, they will also appear on these sites as well as all other relevant topic sites.

Who Are the Ulitzer Authors at Beta Launch?
At the time of this beta release, Ulitzer authors include recently approved authors (spread over all 25 subject groups) as well as all SYS-CON published authors for the past 17 years(computers and software subject group).

I'm Listed As a Ulitzer Author and I Want to Update my Profile
If you are listed on the Ulitzer author pages as a SYS-CON published author, you can now update your bio, photo and other profile information yourself. You can also continue publishing new articles and blogs by posting them directly through your author page or by linking your external blog feed into your Ulitzer author profile. This feature allows you to keep your favorite blog engine and Ulitzer content syndication at the same time.

To update your existing SYS-CON author profile, simpy log in and request your temporary password to be emailed to you. If you have any difficulty in obtaining your temporary password, please contact editorial (at) for assistance.

I'm Listed on Ulitzer As Previously Published SYS-CON Author and I Wish to Turn Off My Author Page
Simply email editorial (at); your Ulitzer author page will be turned off within 48 hours.

How Do I Publish My Article To a Specific Ulitzer Magazine or Topic Site?
•  Every Ulitzer author has a Ulitzer Dashboard, which appears when you sign in.
•  To give yourself the ability to assign articles to appear at at other places than just your own Author page, you need to go to Author Site on your dashboard and use the Topics tab.
•  Here, as you will see, you can assign up to six Topics within Ulitzer to which you wish to be able to assign your articles, news items, book reviews, interviews, press releases, blog posts, etc.
•  Once assigned, these Topics will always be available to you.
•  Every time you complete a new item, just return to the Topics tab and click on which of the six Topic sites (including all of them) you want the items to appear on.
•  Requests are subject to approval but you do not usually have to wait more than a couple of hours, tops.
•  Anytime you need help please contact Ulitzer editors by email at editorial (at)
Ulitzer has provided literally thousands of readers for my writings and rants. My traffic is WAY sales of my latest, "Collapse of Distinction" are my best ever...and I have more engagement than ever before from those who comment on my blog!"

In just over ten days, I had thousands of readers of my articles on Ulitzer, mainly on marketing and sales. It would be nearly impossible to get that at Ning for a new community site!"

Ulitzer is a beacon to the Social Media revolution, a fantastic platform to get your message out..."

In the six months we've been using Ulitzer, the platform has definitely demonstrated its value in the delivery of true publishing synergy with new media. Industry thought leadership, as measured by article readership, has exceeded all expectations."

While Ulitzer might be seen as a competing channel to bloggers, I think that bloggers should realize the tremendous value it could bring to their blog."

I think Ulitzer is opening our eyes again, just like Google did, to the rich promise of the Internet paradigm."

Ulitzer Will Change the Face of Online Media
Ulitzer is simple, intuitive, and provides a powerful digital tool for creating, distributing, consuming, and aggregating content. Within minutes of registration, I had a personal author site connected to my external blog and I had launched a new e-zine (Cloudonomics Journal) with content contributed from twelve different authors. Combining simplicity with powerful functionality, Ulitzer will change the face of online media."

–Kyle Gabhart
Founder, Cloudonomics Journal

Ulitzer Made Our Community a Global Phenomenon
Since launching the Cloud Interoperability Magazine on, I have seen both our community as well our cloud interoperability movement blossom into a global phenomenon. I can thank a large part of this to the increased exposure Ulitzer has given us. Ulitzer is one of the most powerful and the easiest online media interfaces I've had the privilege of working with."

–Reuven Cohen
Founder, Cloud Computing Interoperability Magazine

My Ulitzer Enthusiasm is Contagious!
I became a Ulitzer author by creating my own two magazines under the Travel and Hospitality subject section where I am regularly posting my travel articles. My enthusiasm which Ulitzer created is contagious. I can't wait to visit 'Greek Isles in the Summer' and 'Turkish Riviera' magazines several times a day and see which one my most popular articles appear on top stories section!"

–Vasil Kadifeli
Founder, Greek Isles in the Summer Magazine

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