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What's New in Board Game Blogs?

The board game blog world has been relatively stable. Most everyone who was blogging four months ago was blogging twelve months ago and is still blogging today. There are a few exceptions, and some blogs fell off of my radar. See my left sidebar for a complete list of board game blogs that I track.

If you know any blogs that discuss general board game topics and update at least once a month, drop me a line and I'll consider adding it. Thanks,

New (to me) blogs:

Beyond Candy Land - Eric Paradis, Stamford, CT. Board games for kids, with a Eurogame slant. Hasn't updated since April.

Board Game Doc - Lorien Green, NH. Making a board game documentary.

Board Game Master - Darren Nattinger, Austin, TX. Eurogame strategies and sessions.

Boston Board Game Examiner - Rebecca Merrill. Following Skip Maloney's Examiner site (generally called "Boar Game Examiner") come a number of city specific Examiner sites. Chris Ferejohn does the SF Board Game Examiner site, Robert Moyer the Pittsburgh Board Game Examiner site, and Joe O'Connor the Atlanta Board Game Examiner site.

Cumbersome - Seth Jaffee, Tucson, AZ, of Tasty Minstrel Games. Blog may be moving to his web site soon.

Ex-Teenage Rebel - Chris Pramas and Nicole (NikChik). Chris is president of Green Ronin Publishing.

Game Cryer - Allan Sugarbaker, with contributions from others. Game reviews.

GamePrinter - Ben Clark, Kalamazoo, IN. Blog for Imagigrafx, a printer (now also a board game printer). On printing and other aspects of the game industry.

Halesowen Boardgamers - Game group blog from Halesowen, UK. Session reports.

Inside Strategic Space - Mark Salzwedel, NY, NY. From the small publisher Strategic Space.

Material Poetics - Itai Raccah, Israel. Only two posts, so far.

Pinebars: Applying Board Game Mechanics - Denni Hoyle, MS. About game mechanics.

Seize the Play - Tim Walsh, FL. Game designer of Blurt and Tribond, author, and has a website The Playmakers. On his exploits and game thoughts.

Tabletop - Ian Henry, TX. Writes about classic abstracts.

The Messy Game Room - Mike and Marshall, a board game podcast.

The Play Forum - A group blog from TimetoPlay Magazine, more about toys than games.

Toms Board Games Blog - Tom Wakeford, Edinburgh, UK.


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