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The top 5 reasons you can’t compare AppDynamics to Dynatrace for APM

When customers are selecting an APM solution we at Dynatrace are often shortlisted alongside Cisco AppDynamics. I’ve heard all sorts of stories as to the claims, half-truths, and false statements that are shared to try and sway the customer.

The reality is, because of our relentless innovation, we are no longer ‘like’ other APM providers such as AppDynamics. It pays for the customer to stay up to date, and of course install and compare the differences.

These are the top 5 things we hear from customers about why they believe we have redefined monitoring, and why they select Dynatrace over AppDynamics.

1. It’s no longer possible to know what’s going on without massive automation and AI

Applications and their operating environments have become incredibly complex. With the advent of microservices, you will soon have hundreds or thousands of containers each acting like a tiny little server. A typical transaction now relies on 82 different technologies, and nobody really understands it end-to-end.

Code is also becoming more complex. Think about this:

  • The Space Shuttle had 400,000 lines of code.
  • An automobile in the year 2000 had a million.
  • Cars today have 100 million lines of code.

All of this means that traditional monitoring tools like AppDynamics will no longer cut it. It takes too much time and too many resources to instrument your applications. That’s why most companies are still monitoring only 5% of their most critical apps. It’s just too damn hard to do it properly. Unless you use Dynatrace.

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