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Live from Velocity San Jose 2017

Velocity has transformed over the last couple of years – such as how organizations transformed their way of building, scaling and maintaining the software that powers their business. I remember the early days of Velocity where it was all about Web Performance Optimization, then it moved over to Web Scale, DevOps, Building Resilient Systems and now we arrived at this years theme which is: Building and maintaining complex distributed systems!

Last year I was fortunate enough to get Steve Souders on our PurePerformance Podcast. Steve started Velocity and has been a major contributor to the Web Performance and DevOps community. Listen in to hear what motivated him to go on this journey: Listen to “PurePerformance CafeVelocity 2016 with Steve Souders” on Spreaker:


LIVE Blogging starts Wednesday

As in years past I will LIVE Blog on things that I hear, learn and I think are interesting to share with those of you that couldn’t make it to San Jose. I will keep this blog updated with new entries – starting with the Keynotes on Wednesday morning.

Find me in the hallways or at the Dynatrace booth 611

If you are at Velocity, please feel free to reach to find me. I am always eager to learn from others as well as sharing my own experiences. Reach out to me on Twitter (@grabnerandi) and LinkedIn (Andreas Grabner). I will either be dancing through the hallways or you can find me at the Dynatrace booth 611 during Expo hours. See you there!

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