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DevOps - Getting Into the Topic By @Ruxit | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

Gene Kim’s blog “IT Revolution” is one of the most popular starting points on the topic

Getting into the topic

Gene Kim’s blog “IT Revolution” is one of the most popular starting points on the topic. Basic questions of the DevOps world are answered in a short and understandable way within the “Top 11 Things To Know About DevOps”.

The oft-cited blogpost DevOps Convergence by John Willis is also a must read if you’d like to know the history of DevOps and its thought leaders.

Those of you hoping to nail down a globally acceptable definition of DevOps and its function should have a look at Does DevOps drive agility, or does agility result in DevOps? by Tony Bradley

A creative Forrester headline with the title The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective DevOps also made it into my list of must reads (shared here in abbreviated form).

DevOps Channels



  • Practical System Administration
    Includes podcasts for DevOps admins
  • Food Fight Show
    A blog and podcast for the Chef community
  • DevOps Cafe
    Podcasts with John Willis and Damon Edwards
  • Arrested DevOps
    Podcasts related to DevOps with the catchy slogan “There’s always DevOps in the banana stand. Brought to you by Matt Stratton.
  • The Ship Show
    Twice-monthly podcasts featuring discussions on everything from build engineering, to DevOps, to release management. Plus interviews, new tools, techniques, and reviews.

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