The late Walter Cronkite as a role model for IT managers? At first glance, we might not see the connection between "the most trusted man in America" and high tech management. But if we pull back the layers of how Cronkite approached his job, there are solid day-to-day career lessons for those working in IT. Seven Best Practices Straight From the Desk of Uncle Walter 1. Explain things in a ... (more)

Some of the largest, most opulent yachts in the world belong to Arab royalty and businessmen. Only one, Phocea, the largest privately owned sailing yacht in the world, owned by a woman, is available for charter. Arab royalty and oil sheiks, like most Western elite with a taste for a lavish lifestyle, are fond of adding a megayacht or two as part of their big ticket possessions since they... (more)

SYS-CON Events announced today that more than 40 Cloud technology providers, as well as Virtualization and SOA companies will exhibit at the upcoming 1st International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo (, November 19-21, in San Jose, California. The conference will be colocated with SYS-CON's 4th International Virtualization Conference & Expo (www.Virtualizatio... (more)

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Eclipse is an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open developmen ... (more)

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